Summer Botanical Gardens Engagement Photography
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Summer Botanical Gardens Engagement Photography

One of our favourite locations for engagement photography sessions fortunately also seems to be a favourite with many of the couples we meet. Sheffield Botanical Gardens is a fantastic Sheffield park less than a mile from the heart of the city. In times past when the city was a hive of dirty industry, this must have been a wonderful place to escape from the daily grind for a time. Even today this is a beautiful part of the city and on most days of the year but particularly warm summer days, is packed with people from the local offices taking a lunch break in these tranquil surroundings.

Sheffield Botanical Gardens Engagement Photography

The pictures in this dedicated engagement photography album were taken on a lovely warm Sunday afternoon in late summer just as the season was on the turn to autumn. A fantastic time of year for photography as the colours turn from the lush greens of summer to the warm colours of autumn. I love photographing during this time of seasonal change and incorporating these lovely colours into engagement or wedding day photography can add an interesting splash of colour to the images we capture of our couples, for our couples. The botanical gardens in Sheffield is a wonderful place to spend a quiet afternoon and adding in an engagement photo shoot lifts the day for us all.

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