Bride Getting Ready for her Cressbrook Hall Wedding
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Bride Getting Ready for her Cressbrook Hall Wedding

The photographs on this wedding album page show the bride at her Cressbrook Hall wedding during the "getting ready" part of her big day. The getting ready part of the wedding day can be tremendous fun with some interesting banter between the bride and her group of closest friends. This is a time when they are all relaxed and having a good time together before the excitement and emotion start to build as the time of the wedding draws closer. Also shown on this page are details including the wedding invitation, jewellery and some wedding day gifts for the happy couple as the bride has her hair completed ready to meet her waiting groom.

Photographing Wedding Day Details

I took the time to arrange the invitation along with the brides wedding shoes and bouquet into an interesting display on the lovely oak floor. This type of detail photograph sets off the light colours of the bridal items against the natural colours of the wood. There are so many little details to capture during a wedding photographers wedding day work. There is the dress, the flowers, buttonholes, shoes, and jewellery as well as lots of other little details which have all been carefully and lovingly planned and all need to be recorded as part of the couple’s happy day.

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