Bride and Groom at Cressbrook Hall
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Cressbrook Hall

Bride and Groom at Cressbrook Hall

Being able to spend a few minutes with our couples following their wedding ceremony is incredibly useful for us as wedding photographers on a wedding day for a number of reasons. Firstly and for us, it provides some quiet time with the couple in order for us to create them some beautiful wedding day images to help them remember their day by in the years to come. For our couples it allows them some time to relax together and spend some time alone just enjoying each other's company. Wedding days are so busy with so many comings and goings there is frequently littler time for couples to just be together and enjoy each other’s company.

Derbyshire Wedding Photography

Derbyshire has some amazing wedding venues and some stunning places for us to undertake our wedding photography with our brides and grooms. From our south west Sheffield base, we are closer to Derbyshire than some of our more frequently visited South Yorkshire wedding venues! We love to get out into Derbyshire and take some photographs and this is made even better in the company of a bride, a groom and some wedding guests and is made even better for us if we are fortunate enough to be photographing their wedding at a venue as remarkable as Cressbrook Hall!

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