Bride and Groom in Cressbrook Hall Grounds
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Cressbrook Hall

Bride and Groom in Cressbrook Hall Grounds

We will always ask to spend some time spent with our brides and grooms on their wedding day. This time spent with them means we can walk with them around the venue and take some photographs of them together for their future enjoyment and to pass to family and friends. The second reason is it gives them a little time together as a newly married couple so they can chat together, perhaps about the day so far and perhaps about what the rest of the day's plans are. While it is lovely for the couple to be surrounded by happy family and friends, it is after all the couple’s day and they do sometimes need a little time just to reset ready to carry on.

Cressbrook Hall Wedding Photography

As I've said about many other pages of this album, the location of Cressbrook Hall needs seeing and experiencing first-hand to be deeply appreciated. Positioned high above the village of Cressbrook and overlooking the river valley, the views and background scenery we were able to incorporate into our photographs are wonderful. Looking out over the valley below the scene is amazing and almost too spectacular to believe, even when you have seen it and been there, it almost feels like something from a dream.

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