Bride and Groom Portraits at Cressbrook Hall
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Cressbrook Hall

Bride and Groom Portraits at Cressbrook Hall

On our walk around the grounds of Cressbrook Hall with the bride and groom we took a series of photographs with the valley below as the background. These for me are some of the nicest images from this wedding day with the quality of light in the late afternoon just so lovely and almost dream-like. The hills of the Wye Valley behind look almost Alpine rather than something in Derbyshire and look almost, dare I say it unreal and too good to be true. Having seen them I can confirm these are real hills and the view is certainly there, and a wonderful view it is too!

Cressbrook Hall Derbyshire

Having seen the spectacular views from this wonderful wedding venue it is quite easy to see why the builders of Cressbrook Hall sighted the building here high on the hill. While we have visited and photographed at many beautiful venues, it is hard to think of any situated in such an amazing and bold location. For us as photographers, there are so many places for us to take pictures of and from. There are lovely gardens, doorways, and little secluded corners, but we couldn't take pictures here without incorporating at least some of the magnificent views of the valley into some of our bride and groom portraits.

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