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Cressbrook Hall Wedding

This wedding album page has an image of the groom excitedly awaiting the arrival of his bride escorted to her wedding by her father. As the father of the bride arrives, he hands his daughter over to her new husband to be as the wedding ceremony is about to take place. The ceremony itself is taking place in the rear porch of Cressbrook Hall as the wedding guests look on from the wonderful terrace gardens at this magnificent Derbyshire Wedding venue. Our take during this part of the wedding day is to not only capture the arrival and handing over of the bride but to also try to capture photographically the emotion of the events as they unfold. These are emotional times as the father of the bride hands over his little girl into the care of another man, your daughter is always your little girl, no matter how big or how old they are!

Derbyshire Wedding Ceremony

Now that the couple are together the ceremony can get underway. We always work together as a team with one photographer at the front capturing the expressions of the faces of the couple but particularly the bride, the second photographer is usually at the rear of the venue photographing the ceremony form the end of the aisle or the rear of the venue and sometimes, if there is one, from the balcony. This double coverage gives multiple angles of the actions for our couples.

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