Father of the Bride at Cressbrook Hall
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Cressbrook Hall

Father of the Bride at Cressbrook Hall

An emotional time for the father of the bride can be seen here on this wedding album page from a wedding at Cressbrook Hall near Buxton. The father of the bride sees his daughter for the first time ready in her wedding dress shortly before the wedding ceremony. It is always a good image to capture and to see the reaction on the faces of those involved. Some father mange to sadly remain calm and detached, others do sometimes allow the emotion to show through which is a wonderful thing to see, and a wonderful photograph to give to the bride couple following the wedding. I think here in the UK we still have idea of the "stiff upper lip" even on the wedding day of our daughters. I imagine I'll be in bits if my daughter ever gets married, twenty odd years of remaining detached at such a highly emotional time might just prove too much for me!

Cressbrook Hall Wedding

Following on from this the bridal party make their way up the path from the cottages towards Cressbrook Hall itself ready for the wedding ceremony. This was a lovely warm day right at the end of May and the light later in the day was just so spectacular after the clouds seen here had burnt away.

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