Groom Awaits His Bride at Cressbrook Hall
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Cressbrook Hall

Groom Awaits His Bride at Cressbrook Hall

This album page sees our groom at his Cressbrook Hall wedding as he waits for the arrival of his bride. The groomsmen sharing a joke ahead of the ceremony, this is usually a lovely time to capture some interaction between the groom and his groomsmen as they offer words of wisdom and helpful advice ahead of the wedding ceremony, most of which the groom could really do quite well without! Capturing these moments is for us, what our work as wedding photographers is all about, it's what really makes the day so much fun and so enjoyable for us.

Cressbrook Hall Wedding Ceremony

Capturing the moments that occur naturally rather than being staged or set up or contrived is the best bit of being a wedding photographer. Whether it is during the getting ready part of the day, prior to or during the ceremony or during the speeches, the fun interactions of people make for the best and most natural style of wedding photographs. The couples we love to work with just want to enjoy their day the way they have planned it. We are there to photograph a wedding day in as natural and unobtrusive as possible. We want to record it as it happens rather than stage manage the day's events just so we have some nice pictures for our portfolio.

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