Speeches at a Cressbrook Hall Wedding
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Speeches at a Cressbrook Hall Wedding

Speeches at a wedding are always a fun thing for us to photograph. It is interesting to hear the content of some of the speeches and to see the reactions it brings from the assembled wedding guests as they relive some amusing and sometime quite frankly unbelievable tales of fun and mayhem! As well as these interesting tales of shenanigans various, there can also be such tremendous warmth and love for the couples and their families heard through the speeches. It is lovely to hear the parents speak about their children, usually this is the father of the bride but by no means always her father. We have had both mother and father, mother alone and brother or sister of the bride give speeches at weddings and sometimes the bride has also given a speech.

Derbyshire Wedding Photography

We have over the years photographed in some spectacular wedding venues in Derbyshire. As wedding photographers, we are there to use our skills to create wonderful pictures for our couples as we record their wedding for them. Having the opportunity to photograph our couples at some terrific venues they have chosen helps us to create some even better pictures for them. We can take photographs almost anywhere but a venue as superb, picturesque, and located as Cressbrook Hall is makes life easier for us while allowing our creative juices the chance to flow.

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