Wedding Ceremony at Cressbrook Hall
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Cressbrook Hall

Wedding Ceremony at Cressbrook Hall

The bride and groom exchange during their Cressbrook Hall wedding on the last day of May. A wonderful warm and sunny day this was and a stunning location for a wedding. In the UK weddings have to take place under a fixed structure with a roof so we don't have the fully open-air weddings seen in other parts of the world. The arrangement at Cressbrook Hall is one of the more interesting ways to work within the rules. The bride and groom get married inside the porch of the house while the guests sit in the wonderful open air and watch. This really works well allowing guests to be outdoors while only the bride and groom are under cover.

Wedding Photography in Derbyshire

We are located close to Derbyshire in our south west Sheffield home. From here we can be over the border and in Hathersage in a matter of a few minutes. Venues like the wonderful Cressbrook Hall are not that much further away and we really love the dramatic scenery of this part of Derbyshire. In the final image on the page the couple are now married, all paperwork completed, and they make their way through a torrent of confetti thrown by their cheering guests as they make their way to for a celebratory glass of champagne.

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