Wedding Dress at a Cressbrook Hall Wedding
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Wedding Dress at a Cressbrook Hall Wedding

We are sometimes asked if photographs of the "getting ready" part of the day are really necessary. While it is your day and you can choose as much or as little coverage as you want from us, we always believe that the photographs from the time a couple of hours before the ceremony help to tell an important part of the story of your wedding day. The wedding album pages here show the wedding dress hanging up for inspection by the bride and later after her bridesmaids have fastened her dress for her, they help the bride to put on her jewellery.

Cressbrook Hall Wedding

The photographs we take help with the full day's coverage and these pictures from the early part of the day as the bride and her bridesmaids get ready will in years to come remain them of the fun they had together as they prepared for the wedding itself. We often hear back from couples that our pictures have captured some moment they had missed or didn't even know was happening which again helps to tell the story in more depth. As with everything, the choice to have "getting ready" is yours but from the feedback we have from couples, it is definitely something they don't regret doing.

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