Wedding Guests at Cressbrook Hall
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Cressbrook Hall

Wedding Guests at Cressbrook Hall

Family formals are one of the few parts of the day where we need to get involved in setting up photographs. We are normally as "hands-off" as we can be, but it would be a very strange world indeed if all the people on the album page above just happened to have wandered together into these groups without any prompting! They are one of the required sets of photographs for most couples we deal with who naturally want to look back at their wedding day and see their wonderful family and friends gathered round to celebrate with them.

Derbyshire Wedding Photography

The grounds at Cressbrook Hall are wonderful and the view out over the Wye Valley seen in the background of these photographs looks incredible when seen first-hand. Photographs show a moment captured in time and will for ever show what is there but unfortunately, while they can remind those who were there of the feeling or atmosphere you feel and experience in a location, it is almost impossible to convey that feeling of a breath-taking view or incredible location given you when you are there in person. We always try to capture the magic and feeling of somewhere and hopefully these pictures can give you just a sense of how spectacular the view from Cressbrook Hall realty is.

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