Bridal Party Signing the Register
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Cutlers Hall Sheffield

Bridal Party Signing the Register

This double page wedding album spread shows seven images from a wedding at the Cutlers Hall in Sheffield. These images were taken immediately following the wedding ceremony. The left hand page has six images, the first of which has the bride and groom at the signing table having just completed the signing of the register. In the next image on this page the bride and groom are joined by their two witnesses, the two people asked to sign the register as witnesses to the marriage. The next two images show the bride and groom with firstly the bridesmaids and then with the groomsmen. In the next image both bridesmaids and groomsmen join the brides and groom around the register before in the final image the bride and groom make their walk back down the isle as a married couple.

Cutlers Hall Sheffield Wedding

In the large image on the right-hand facing page the bride and groom exit the ceremony room at the Cutlers Hall on their way for a celebratory glass of champagne. As the bride and groom finally make their way out of the ceremony room the bride raises her bouquet triumphantly and shouts for joy, she was so incredibly happy it was a joy to see!

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