Bride, Groom and Father of the Bride
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Cutlers Hall Sheffield

Bride, Groom and Father of the Bride

This album page shows some images from a wedding at the Cutlers Hall in Sheffield. The pictures show what can frequently be one of the most emotionally charged parts of a wedding day, the wedding ceremony. The sequence of images starts with the father of the bride giving away his daughters she fights back the tears in response to the look on her father’s face. Following this big moment during the ceremony, the tension usually starts to ease as the ceremony moves ahead. In Sheffield we have some wonderful celebrants who can really make the ceremony so much fun for all those in attendance but particularly the bride and groom.

Wedding Photography at Sheffield Cutlers Hall

As the wedding ceremony progresses, the bride and groom share a joke together which is a wonderful thing to see and to photograph. We love to capture these moments during the ceremony for the couple. These are wonderful pictures to share with family and friends after the events as for most of the ceremony, the couple have their backs to the guests who miss much of the finer details of the couple's interaction with each other. The Cutlers Hall is a truly iconic building in Sheffield. It has some amazing rooms and the beautiful grand staircase and a long and interesting history, well worth a look if you need a large city centre wedding venue or even if you just fancy a look round.

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