Bridesmaids Proceed Bride Down The Aisle
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Cutlers Hall Sheffield

Bridesmaids Proceed Bride Down The Aisle

There was a strong "Spices Girls" and "girl power" theme running through this wedding which took place at Sheffield Cutlers Hall. The five images shown on the album page are of the five bridesmaids walking down the aisle ahead of the bride ahead of the wedding ceremony. It was fantastic to see the bond between these girls and the bride as a group, the bridesmaids did as bridesmaids should do, helped the bride on her wedding day rather than treating it a s free, all expenses paid, day out!

Cutlers Hall Wedding

The Cutlers Hall in Sheffield is a magnificent building. This isn't the first Cutlers Hall in Sheffield, or indeed on this site but it is probably the one of the finest buildings in Sheffield. The hall has several rooms which can cater for weddings of all sizes from a small, intimate gathering to weddings of several hundred. But unlike some massive venues, this isn't some huge empty sole-less barn, it is a beautiful building inside and out and certainly one of our most cherished buildings. If you want a big but beautiful wedding venue, then the main banqueting hall is one of the finest rooms around. Equally, if you want something a little smaller but with a real touch of class, check out Sheffield Cutlers Hall.

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