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Confetti Blizzard

The series of pictures on this wedding album page are from a wonderful Sheffield city centre wedding. The wedding ceremony and reception took place in Sheffield's iconic Cutlers Hall, one of the oldest buildings in the city, from a time when buildings were built properly and with pride by the craftsmen who built them. The Cutlers Hall has some fantastic features including the grand staircase leading from the hall to the first-floor rooms. The grand staircase is a wonderful place for photographing the full wedding party or individual photographs of small family groups and for bride and groom photographs.

Sheffield Cutlers Hall Wedding Confetti

In the pictures on these pages, the bride and groom are entering the banqueting hall as their wedding guests happily shower them with confetti as they make their way for their wedding breakfast. A fantastic benefit of confetti inside is it doesn't rain indoors and on the fantastic wooden floor in the banqueting hall, it can easily be swept up! The cutler’s hall is a marvellous city centre wedding venue with plenty of rooms of various sizes for various sizes of wedding. It is also a wonderful place for wedding photography which is after all what you are here to see. We hope this wedding album gives you an idea of how wedding photography can work, even if almost all of it is indoors.

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