Fun During the Speeches
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Fun During the Speeches

Speeches made during a wedding breakfast are always an interesting part of the day for us to photograph. We get to hear an outpouring of love between those making the speeches and those being spoken about and capturing the mood and emotion of these words using our pictures is a wonderful way to document the occasion for our couple. We hear all sorts of wonderful things, and some very sad things too, we need to remain detached form what is being said at the same time as reacting to the mood of the words and the wedding guests and capturing all the little subtle (and sometimes not so subtle) expressions on the faces of key individuals in the room. The speeches at this wedding were tremendous fun to listen to, and I’m sure to have given. The love spoken during these speeches was obvious and a wonderful thing to witness.

Wedding Photography at Sheffield Cutlers Hall

We have been to many events at Sheffield Cutlers Hall in various capacities over the years, but this was the first wedding we have been invited to photograph. As a wedding photographer, you need to be able to handle photography in any venue you find yourself in and be able to photograph almost any situation presented to you. It was a privilege as well as a wonderful experience to be able to photograph this wedding for our fantastic couple and create them some wonderful pictures of their big day in these amazing surroundings.

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