Sharing a Joke During the Vows
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Sharing a Joke During the Vows

Wedding vows are always one part of the day with potential for some fun and laughs! The time when the priest or celebrant asks if "If any person present knows of any lawful impediment to this marriage, he or she should declare it now", there can sometimes be some tittering and a squeak from a baby or small child invariably brings a laugh form the assembled guests! In all seriousness, these can be a stressful time, trying to get each other’s names right, trying not to fluff your words or talk over the celebrant, plenty of scope for things to go a little wrong but it always comes out OK in the end!

Sheffield Cutlers Hall Wedding Photography

Sheffield Cutlers Hall is a terrific wedding venue right in the heart of the city. The building has some amazing features which can be incorporated in wedding photographs such as the magnificent grand staircase. The banqueting hall must be one of the largest rooms in the city with a ceiling of unbelievable height, a truly amazing room to have a wedding reception in. Wedding ceremonies can take place in several other rooms of various sizes and styles, there is no shortage of choices in this wonderful place.

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