Wedding Party Group Photograph on the Stairs
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Cutlers Hall Sheffield

Wedding Party Group Photograph on the Stairs

The magnificent main staircase inside the Cutlers Hall in Sheffield provides the perfect location for this photograph. The stairs are so large and spacious we were able to fit the entire wedding party on the stairs for this group photograph. It is hard to think of a staircase anywhere else in the city large enough to accommodate an entire wedding party for a group photograph like this. The group is so big that it takes up an entire double page spread in this wedding album.

The Cutlers Hall in Sheffield is a massive wedding venue with several beautiful rooms, ranging in size but all of them very large. This is the ultimate venue for anyone needing a larger than average wedding venue in or around Sheffield. In addition to the size of the venue, the unbelievable beauty of the hall is amazing. Some large function rooms are sole-less and feel to be lacking in any sort of atmosphere, this is certainly not the case here where hundreds of years of history seep out from the walls of this building making this feel warm, wonderful and inviting.

Cutlers Hall Sheffield Wedding Photography

This image taken on the stairs in Sheffield Cutlers Hall is just one in this wedding album produced from photographs of a wedding we photographed there. The Cutlers Hall is a wonderful and historic setting for a wedding celebration and is located in the very heart of the city. We have attended several wedding fayres and other events here as well as undertaking this wedding ceremony and reception. It really is a sensational venue, if you need a larger than average venue for a large wedding in or near the centre of the city, there cannot be many as large as this one, or as special.

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