Bridal Party Arrives for Ecclesall Woods Wedding
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Bridal Party Arrives for Ecclesall Woods Wedding

This wedding album page contains an array of images from shortly before a wedding ceremony was about to take place at the J G Graves Woodland Discovery Centre in Ecclesall Woods, Sheffield. The bride and the rest of the bridal party arrive at the venue and the bride now takes her turn to see the registrar. These can be an interesting time during a wedding day for us to take pictures. Sometimes the bride can be nervous, not because they are getting married but usually because they will be the centre of attention for the rest of the day. We often hear brides during the “getting ready” part of the day say at first, they are not nervous, but as the time of the wedding draws closer, the tension can increase along with the nerves.

Our bride seen here though was the picture of confidence and full of smiles as you can see in the image as she exits the car. A quick chat with the registrar, a kiss on the cheek from her father, and off to the ceremony room to meet her soon to be husband.

Ecclesall Woods Wedding Photographer

The J G Graves Woodland Discovery Centre is located just off Abbey Lane in Sheffield and is a really interesting wedding venue for those looking for something different to, for example a hotel wedding. We as photographers need to be able to take photographs anywhere and everywhere at a wedding, no matter the surroundings and no matter the weather. It makes an interesting change to be photographing a wedding ceremony in an almost outdoor situation, something we have done before, but not often.

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