Bride with Grandfather Woodthorpe Hall Wedding
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Bride with Grandfather Woodthorpe Hall Wedding

Grandparents, for those of you lucky enough to have them still here and fit enough to attend, are a massively important part of a wedding day. Without any one of your grandparents having existed or met up with their partner, you wouldn't be here! I can often find myself wondering if I hadn't been me would I have been someone else or would I simply not have existed at all! This is a complex question and one I'm sure no one will ever be able to answer but the underlying point remains that they are the people who gave life to your parents and through them, you. We always make a special point of trying to include them in as many pictures as we can, and as many as they want to be involved in because they are special people.

Woodthorpe Hall Wedding Photography

Our bride is seen here with her grandfather at her wedding reception in the grounds of Woodthorpe Hall in Holmesfield in Derbyshire. This was one of our favourite weddings of the year and had many interesting locations during the day which gave us some wonderful opportunities to create some fantastic pictures for our bride, groom and their family and friends. From photographs in Ecclesall Woods out into Derbyshire looking over the Hope Valley, to Padley Gorge, we had a fantastic time, certainly a wonderful day to remember.

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