Bride and Groom Fun Pictures in Ecclesall Woods
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Bride and Groom Fun Pictures in Ecclesall Woods

This wedding album page is produced from images captured following a wedding in the J G Graves Woodland Discovery Centre just off Abbey Lane in Ecclesall Woods on the outskirts of. This is a really nice semi-outdoor wedding venue, and one of the few in the region offering this type of outdoor setting. The wedding itself took place indoors as it is at the time of writing, still a legal requirement to do so. Marriage services can only take place inside a fixed structure or building, but with the large doors wide open to the outside, it was almost the same as being outside.

Ecclesall Woods Wedding Photography

Our bride and groom can be seen here having some fun while posing for some light-hearted pictures following their wedding. We don't ask our couples to position themselves in "posed" situations which frequently look contrived, instead we prefer to place our couples in a nice area and just let them be themselves. Here the bride and groom are having a little fun in posing for us, we didn't ask them to do this, the bride just decided to have some fun with her bouquet with the groom as the semi-unwilling victim, all good unscripted fun.

This as you will see in these Ecclesall Woods wedding pictures will always produce much more natural looking images as the couple will be behaving naturally together, not in some ridiculous, contorted (and probably uncomfortable) poses just because the wedding photographer thinks it "looks cool". Wedding photographers sometimes need to remember who is paying for whose services! The photographer is working for the client, not the other way around!

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