Bride and Groom Portraits in Ecclesall Woods
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Bride and Groom Portraits in Ecclesall Woods

This page from the wedding album shows some post wedding ceremony portraits of our bride and groom in Ecclesall Woods following their wedding ceremony at the J G Graves Discovery Centre a few minutes earlier in the day. This was our first wedding ceremony in Ecclesall Woods, in fact it was the first wedding ceremony we had photographed in any woods and we really enjoyed it! We always like to photograph somewhere new; it presents new challenges but also new opportunities to be creative as we take pictures for the couple.

Ecclesall Woods Wedding Photography

The woods behind the discovery centre are wonderful for wedding day portraits of the bride and groom and this is always one of my favourite parts of the day to photograph. We get to spend some time with our couple, they are more relaxed now the ceremony is out of the way and they are now a married couple. It is also a great time for us photographically, we get to take some pictures of them looking their absolute best in great surroundings in a relaxed and fun way. This doesn’t mean we control what the couple do, or how they stand, or sit, or walk, that would be controlling the situation, we just place them in favourable surroundings with a good background and the best light available and just let them be themselves.

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