Confetti at Woodthorpe Hall
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Confetti at Woodthorpe Hall

This album page shows the arrival of the bride and groom at their wedding reception at Woodthorpe Hall in Derbyshire. On arrival the couple are treated to a shower of confetti thrown by their excited guests. Confetti photographs can be interesting to capture. Sometimes the confetti is tiny and hardly shows up on our photographs, sometimes the guests are just so excited they throw it before anyone, and this can include us, is ready! This can sometimes come as a big surprise to the bride and groom as they are ambushed by some of their guests before they are prepared! This is one of the few occasions during our photography where we try to have some input, getting everyone ready to throw confetti at the same time and reminding the bride and groom it is only confetti that is being thrown and not bricks (hopefully) so keep chins up and walk boldly walk onward!

Woodthorpe Hall Wedding Photographer

Woodthorpe Hall is a hidden gem of a wedding venue and is very close to both Sheffield and Chesterfield. The wedding receptions take place in a tipi in the grounds of the hall which are amazing. There is so much space to wander around in, take pictures of the happy couple and indulge in garden party games such as Jenga and croquet and there is even a campsite adjoining the grounds so travelling home isn’t required unless you really want or need to.

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