Woodland Discovery Centre Wedding Ceremony
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Discovery Centre Ecclesall Woods

Woodland Discovery Centre Wedding Ceremony

This is another album spread from a wedding in 2018 at the Woodland Discovery Centre in Ecclesall Woods, Sheffield. The images shown on these pages centre around the wedding ceremony itself which takes place within the J G Discovery Centre building. Weddings in the UK at the time of writing must be conducted within a fixed or permanent structure, something with a roof. This is a bit of a shame as many countries have different rules allowing completely outdoor wedding ceremonies.

So, despite many of the wonderful potential outdoor locations we have for weddings here in the UK, the ceremony must be conducted inside or at least under a permanent part of the building. Cressbrook Hall for example conduct their outdoor ceremonies with the bride and groom standing inside the garden porch of the building so they are withing a fixed structure which makes for a lovely outdoor wedding for the guests. Though this is the situation at the time of writing, there are some rumours that this could change in the near future and may well have changed by the time you are reading this so please check!

Ecclesall Woods Wedding Photography

Ecclesall Woods make a wonderful backdrop to many occasions and the J G Graves Woodland Discovery Centre provides a wonderful place to for weddings and similar events. We love photographing weddings anywhere but to have the chance to photograph a bride and groom in beautiful, natural woodland surroundings is a fantastic experience for us and make wedding day photography that much more interesting.

The woods are incredibly old and at one time could almost have formed the northern most end of Sherwood Forest. As Robin of Loxley AKA Robin Hood was born not many miles from here, he and his band of merry men might well have been roaming around these parts. It certainly is a majestic and tranquil place to spend a few minutes or even better, a few hours, escaping the noise of modern life. If it is a day like this wedding day was, enjoying the warm sunshine streaming through the trees onto those lucky enough to be below.

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