Woodthorpe Hall Wedding Speeches
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Woodthorpe Hall Wedding Speeches

Guests gather around to hear the wedding speeches form the father of the bride, groom, best men and even the bride! Wedding speeches have historically been confined to the men at a wedding, but we are seeing more and more brides, mother of the bride and chief bridesmaids’ speeches forming part of the celebrations, and why shouldn't they? We have heard some wickedly funny speeches over our time as wedding photographers, as well as some memorable and very moving ones. It is interesting to hear some of the fantastically funny things, and the love for family members as we photograph the wedding speeches.

Derbyshire Wedding Photography

We love to photograph all the special parts of a wedding day and speeches can be a very moving and memorable part as well as sometimes hysterically funny. It is wonderful to see the interaction between the bride and her father and the groom and his best man as tall tales of bold antics are relayed to the amusement of all the guests and sometimes the embarrassment of others but it is usually all done in the best of fun! The speeches by the bride, her mother and chief bridesmaids often add a more emotional aspect to the proceedings as tails of how the couple met and what first impressions the bride had of her now husband unfold!

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