Bride and Groom Photographs in Ecclesall Woods
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Ecclesall Woods Wedding

Bride and Groom Photographs in Ecclesall Woods

Amazing surroundings for a wedding, and for these images from a wedding album from a wedding at the J. G. Graves Woodland Discovery Centre in Ecclesall Woods, Sheffield. The bride looked radiant in her beautiful wedding dress as we wandered the paths through the woods seeking out some locations for photographs.

Ecclesall Woods Sheffield Wedding Photography

There are some lovely walks through these woods and we were lucky to be blessed with a fine and sunny day with the magnificent sunlight spilling through the trees onto the bride and groom. This was our first wedding at this location and we would really love the chance to do another here, there is something wonderful about woodland surroundings at any time and having a beautiful, happy and in love couple to photograph at such a fantastic location makes our work even better.

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