Woodthorpe Hall Wedding Ceilidh
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Woodthorpe Hall Wedding Ceilidh

A Ceilidh at a wedding reception was something we hadn't encountered until fairly recently, we then get two in rapid succession. This one at the beautiful at Woodthorpe Hall in Derbyshire was run by a Ceilidh Band and Caller Roger the Badger! These are amazing fun for all the guests who wish to take part and probably even more fun for those who decide to view the proceedings from the sidelines! I wouldn't admit to being able to dance or to memorise and follow a complex set of instructions so would probably be deemed as a perfect candidate for having a go at a Ceilidh at a wedding! Fortunately (for me) I'm usually far too bust photographing the dancing to get roped in! These can be real fun though and are definitely something a little different at a wedding reception .

Woodthorpe Hall Wedding

Woodthorpe Hall is a magnificent wedding venue located in Holmesfield in North East Derbyshire.