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Bride and Groom

Well here we are, the moment the bride and groom have planned for as they see each other for the first time on their wedding day. The bride and groom smile, laugh and share a private joke together as they prepare to make their wedding vows. Of course, getting married isn’t just about this moment, the ceremony, the wedding day, getting married is the beginning of something new, a new partnership, not the end of the process of all the planning, always worth keeping in mind!

Kenwood Hall Hotel Wedding Photography

We have photographed a large number of weddings at Kenwood Hall, it is by far our most visited wedding venue and while we know the hotel and grounds fairly well, we are always discovering something new, some part of the hotel grounds we didn’t know existed. It sometimes feels like little areas are being exposed and when rediscovered by the grounds team, but I suspect it is just that we haven’t ventured to that particular part of the grounds before. Later pages in this album as well as many in our wedding’s gallery depict some of the wonderful places in the grounds.

The Kenwood Hall Hotel is located in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, UK on Kenwood Road, S7 1NQ. Their Website can be found at

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