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Bride Groom and Groomsmen

Our wedding photography style is very much from the candid direction, we want our couples to run their wedding days the way they have planned them and interfere as little as possible. While on the bride and groom portrait part of the wedding day we might help guide our couples into the best places to stand to avoid for example background distractions, we very rarely get involved in creating contrived poses, we prefer to let our couples stand, sit or walk together in a way which is comfortable for them.

Kenwood Hall Hotel Fun Wedding Photography

This page from a wedding album shows something we would never stage or set-up as the groom is hoisted aloft by his groomsmen. We don't stage shots or situation like this as they can and almost always do look contrived and unnatural mainly because it is a situation that would be of our making, not the guests. If the wedding attendees wish to do something like this then we are more than happy to photograph it as it is a situation that has occurred without our direction but we are always happy to help set a funny photograph if asked. We have seen and recorded many funny moments for couples which unfold as strange situations manifest themselves and been asked to photograph things the bride and groom have asked for but don't stage moments during the day, it is always much better if things just happen, and sometimes one of our photographs catches something really funny just by accident!

The Kenwood Hall Hotel is located in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, UK on Kenwood Road, S7 1NQ. Their Website can be found at

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