Bridesmaids in Shades
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Bridesmaids in Shades

This is another image from the “getting ready” part of the wedding day. The bride and her bridesmaids are all looking oh so cool in their funky sunglasses with a glass of champagne as they share a joke. This can be a wonderful time of the day to photograph, catching the interactions of the bride and the bridesmaids as the chill out tighter getting ready for the upcoming ceremony. We usually try to be with the bridal party a couple of hours before the ceremony time to photograph all the brides wedding day essentials such as dress, shoes, jewellery and flowers and the finals stages of hair and makeup.

Bridesmaids Photographed at a Kenwood Hall Wedding

When we have some really fun and up-for-it bridesmaids, we can get some really fun photographs of the bridal party. Many people, me included are quite shy and don’t want to make a spectacle of themselves for obvious reasons and particularly when there are a couple of photographers watching their every move! Very often though, we see bridesmaid come out of their shells and really get into the spirit of things on a wedding day and it make for some fantastic and fun photographs for us to take. We find this particularly during the getting ready stage of the day once they have got used to us being there at least.

The Kenwood Hall Hotel is located in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, UK on Kenwood Road, S7 1NQ. Their Website can be found at

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