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Exchanging Rings

Four more photographs on these Kenwood Hall wedding album pages. The bride and groom are nearing the end of the wedding ceremony and are exchanging wedding rings. Three of the pictures on these pages show the advantage of having a second photographer to document your wedding day. The first, third and fourth pictures were taken from the back of the wedding ceremony room while the second image in the sequence was taken from the front of the ceremony room.

At some venues, most usually churches, there is the option for one photographer to rove around the ceremony taking pictures from a range of different angles, this isn’t always the case but sometimes. The layout of most other venues doesn’t allow for moving from one fixed spot so pictures from the back of the ceremony would be impossible for one photographer.

Of course, we never want to move around too much, it might cause a disturbance and can be distraction for the couple, the celebrant, and the guests so yet another reason for a second photographer to photograph you wedding day.

Kenwood Hall Wedding Ceremony Photography

This wedding took place in the part of Kenwood Hall know as “the house”. This is the oldest part of the hotel which is in use and is a magnificent building. Strange to think this was built as a private residence many years ago, a very large house it would have been for a family. The room shown in the pictures has since been repainted in a pale blue which is a big change in colour scheme but still wonderful to see and be in.

The Kenwood Hall Hotel is located in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, UK on Kenwood Road, S7 1NQ. Their Website can be found at https://www.kenwoodhall.co.uk/weddings/

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