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Wedding Day Portrait Photography

These pages in this wedding album are from a wedding at the Kenwood Hall Hotel in Sheffield. They show the bride and groom in the grounds of the hotel for some portrait photography following their wedding ceremony. As a wedding photographer this is one of my favourite parts of a wedding day, a time when we can spend some time creating some beautiful images of our couples for them. This is a very good part of the day for our couples as well. This quiet time allows them to reflect on the idea that they are now a married couple, and they can relax a little and start to focus on the rest of their big day while we get to work taking as many different pictures as we can. We tend to stand back and let the couple do their own thing, we don't tend to pose the couple other than placing them in a nicely lit area or against a suitable background but that is where we try to leave it and just let you be yourselves, after all it isn't our wedding, it is yours.

Wedding Photography Kenwood Hall Sheffield

We love to work at Kenwood Hall. The image below is of the same couple by the lake in the grounds of the hotel, it is wonderful for incorporation into a series of wedding day images.

Kenwood Hall Hotel Wedding PhotographyThe lake at Kenwood Hall is a beautiful feature for wedding day images

The grounds to the hotel are stunning and very large giving lots of photo opportunities in many of the wonderful little tucked away corners. The ability to utilise so many locations at one location means that we can introduce something different into the sets of images we produce for our couples.

The Kenwood Hall Hotel is located in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, UK on Kenwood Road, S7 1NQ. Their Website can be found at

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