Wedding Rings at Kenwood Hall
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Kenwood Hall Hotel Wedding

Wedding Rings at Kenwood Hall

This is one of those special images for the bride and groom that we do our best to capture on a wedding day, as long as, of course, we know about the significance. The wedding rings bear the internal inscription "Love You More" which was a favourite saying of the brides dearly departed grandfather. We know the connection back to parents and grandparents and the importance of this connection, it can be just as powerful for those concerned if their parents or grandparents are no longer around and makes special memories even more important.

Kenwood Hall Hotel Wedding Photography

The image was captured the front wall of Kenwood Hall. For images like this it is more important that the picture is taken than where it was taken, and the wall does add a little interesting contrast against the wedding rings. We love to work at Kenwood Hall, the grounds are wonderful and allow for some really fun wanderings to find somewhere a little different for use as a background or surroundings. It doesn't seen to matter how many times we photograph there, we always manage to find something a little different to add into the mixture of pictures. Finding something different is good. We are often asked if we have photographed at a particular venue before and if the answer is "no" it sometimes puts prospective couple off. It shouldn't do as we want your wedding to look like your wedding, not like every other wedding that has been photographed at that venue before. Seeing somewhere through fresh eyes can help create something unique, its what we try to find new places and new angles even along well trodden paths.

The Kenwood Hall Hotel is located in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, UK on Kenwood Road, S7 1NQ. Their Website can be found at