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First Dance Together

One of the final official sets of images we take on a wedding day is of the first dance. Sometimes there are other images our couples ask for such as firework displays (outside obviously!) and we are sometimes asked by our couples to take some night-time images for them outside the wedding reception venue. This can be fun if there is a wonderful sunset or spectacular moon and on one occasion, we have had a Christmas tree forming a feature of this final set of pictures. We are happy to hang around a little longer if something interesting is going to happen and we know in advance we will be required a little longer.

First Dance at a Ringwood Hall Wedding

The final page of this Ringwood Hall Hotel wedding album shows our lovely couple enjoying their first dance together at this wonderful Derbyshire wedding venue. The first dance picture from a couples wedding is one of the must have images from the wedding day and is also usually one of the last official pictures we take.

We have photographed a few weddings at Ringwood Hall, and all have been wonderfully special and happy days for us as well as more importantly, our couples. Brides and Grooms can often be nervous of undertaking the first dance (I was!). It is understandable as the couple are the centre of attention in this final official part of the wedding day. Trying to keep calm and enjoy this is the best course of action if possible, enjoy it and try to have fun!

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