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Best Whitley Hall Wedding Photographer

Here we have an album page with our bride and groom in front of the Whitley Hall Hotel in Sheffield following their Wedding there earlier in the day. Whitley Hall is a superb venue located to the north of Sheffield and very close to the M1 motorway for those with friends and relatives travelling from a little further away. The hall itself must be one of the oldest buildings in the area with parts of the structure dating back to the fifteenth century and retaining many original features which thankfully haven't been ripped out in the course of some over enthusiastic "modernisation" program.

Whitley Hall Hotel Wedding Photography

Whitley Hall is a fantastic venue to get married in, or to have a wedding reception at following a church wedding elsewhere. There are so many wonderful places both inside and outside the hotel for photographs, the grounds are extensive and immaculately kept and there are some really interesting little paths and hideaways to explore together with our happy couples. We have created some wonderful images here for our couples, we are though always on the lookout for some other areas to explore with them to create for them their perfect wedding day image.

The Whitley Hall Hotel is located in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, UK on Elliott Lane, S35 8NR. Their Website can be found at

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