Emotional Father on His Daughters Wedding Day
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Emotional Father on His Daughters Wedding Day

As wedding photographers we have privileged access to parts of a wedding day which are not normally seen by the wedding guests. We see some fun times, happy times and some highly emotionally charged times as various elements of the day unfold. Some of the emotions we see resonate with us through the wedding day, through editing the images and beyond. The emotions aren't always sad, they can be a mixture of happiness tinged with sadness; it can be good to see some of these emotions from the participants on a wedding day. As a nation we are very reserved and rarely let our guard down and put our emotions on display. As wedding photographers we feel it is important to capture the emotions of the day whether they be from the bride, groom, family or friends. Letting emotions surface surface isn't a sign of weakness, it shows that you care about what is happening to people you love and care about.

Whitley Hall Wedding Photography

This image captures some of this emotion as the father of the bride sees his daughter in her wedding dress for the first time ahead of her wedding at Whitley Hall Hotel in Ecclesfield, Sheffield. Sometimes it isn't until a time like this during the day that the implications of what is about to occur become apparent. The father's little girl is about to become the husband of another man, the man who will take over from her father as the man at the centre of her life. important times and important images to capture, as long as they are allowed out to be seen!

The Whitley Hall Hotel is located in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, UK on Elliott Lane, S35 8NR. Their Website can be found at https://www.whitleyhall.com

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