Bolsover Castle Walls Engagement Photography
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Bolsover Castle Walls Engagement Photography

This picture was taken during an engagement photography session amongst the dramatic turreted walls at Bolsover Castle in Derbyshire. This is one of a number of amazing and historic castles run by English Heritage and is a stunning place to visit for many reasons. While we had planned our visit specifically to do some photography we were overcome by the beauty and scale of this wonderful castle and certainly found it a fascinating place to visit and a thoroughly interesting experience. We have been back here a few more times, once to undertake another engagement photo shoot and also just to visit this wonderful place. We are always keen to return to many of the lovely places we visit. Most of the time we would not get chance or opportunity to go to these places if it wasn't for local knowledge or a particular interest of some of the lovely couples we meet and we will remain ever grateful to them for some of the places they have introduced us to.

Derbyshire Engagement Photography

We love to do engagement (sometimes also known as pre-wedding) photo shoots as these are a great time for us all to get to know each other a little better and for you to experience being the centre of attention in readiness for your wedding day! We spent a good deal of time at Bolsover Castle and explored the castle inside and out to find some lovely places for photographs.

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