Botanical Gardens Glasshouse Engagement Photography
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Botanical Gardens Glasshouse Engagement Photography

Sheffield Botanical Gardens is one of our favourite locations for engagement photography photo sessions with our couples. We have performed more engagement photography photo shoots here than anywhere else by some considerable margin. We always ask our couples if they have somewhere which is special to them both, somewhere they would like us to photograph them. We have had several wonderful and interesting locations that mean something to our couples. Many couples though just love to come here for their engagement photo shoot in these beautiful surroundings.

The image has the happy couple in front of the largest glasshouse which is centrally located and at the top of the main path. We love engagement shoots; they are real fun with none of the pressure of the wedding day for us or our couple. They are a tremendous opportunity to get to know each other as we wander around creating some images. These sessions are also a good opportunity to see use work, to understand what we are trying to do for you through our photographic techniques and for you to be the centre of the photographic attention. Not many of our couples are accustomed to being photographed professionally and for so long. Couples can be slightly nervous about being photographed and the session with us help you relax and be more at home with the situation.

Botanical Gardens Engagement Photography

The Botanical Gardens is a fantastic place for wedding and engagement photography as well as being somewhere which is really nice for an afternoon out with your family. There are many corners and tucked away places for those who are really nervous of being photographed and it is really satisfying to see their apprehension disappear as they start to relax and enjoy themselves.

Keywords: engagement photography (116), Sheffield Botanical Gardens (62). 1/400; f/2.8; ISO 200; 200.0 mm.