Derbyshire Pre Wedding Photography
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Derbyshire Pre Wedding Photography

It is always nice to visit somewhere new and to see something different. This image was taken on our first ever visit to Linacre Woods which surround the Linacre Reservoir which is very close to Chesterfield in North East Derbyshire. What makes our lack of visits here in the past even worse is that this is only around five miles from our home in Sheffield and probably only fifteen to twenty minutes drive from home. There is a fantastic walk around the perimeter of the reservoir with some fantastic paths wandering through the woods. I love this little section of twisty path as it winds its way through the trees.

Linacre Woods Engagement Photography

Having missed the chance to explore here for so long we have taken the time to return here both as a family and on similar engagement photo sessions with a few other couples. The woods seem a hit not only with those who live near to them but also couples located further away and looking for a different area to have some photos taken in. This really is a stunning place to visit even on days like the one shown here when the weather decided to let us down but we still had a tremendous time and produced some memorable images for our happy couple.

Keywords: engagement photography (116), Linacre Wood Reservoir (10). 1/160; f/3.2; ISO 220; 175.0 mm.