Engagement Photography at Kenwood Hall Hotel
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Engagement Photography at Kenwood Hall Hotel

Engagement photography photo shoot at the Kenwood Hall Hotel in Sheffield. This image is taken looking across the magnificent lake in the spectacular 12 acre grounds.

Kenwood Hall Engagement Photography

Kenwood Hall are quite accommodating with taking engagement photographs of couples who have booked their wedding (or reception) at the hotel. The advantage of an engagement shoot apart from being a lot less pressurised is if the weather is poor you can always come back another day when the sun is out! On a wedding day we get what we get and as photographers we need to be ready and prepared for whatever we are presented with.

Wedding Photography Preparations

We bring an awful lot of equipment with us to each and every wedding we photograph. Usually we have two cameras each, about ten lenses between us, flash guns, spare cameras bodies and just in case! We also bring studio lighting so if the weather is so terrible we cannot even venture out for a second then we can light images properly indoors. So far though we haven't had a wedding where we couldn't step outside at some point for some pictures, perhaps lucky but sometimes just a matter of timing and grabbing the opportunities when the arrive. It sometimes demands a little trust from our couples to dodge the rain but this can sometimes be part of the fun!

1/500; f/2.8; ISO 200; 200.0 mm.