Linacre Reservoirs Engagement Photography
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Linacre Reservoirs Engagement Photography

My favourite image from this engagement photography session is this one captured at the magnificent Linacre Reservoirs near Chesterfield. In this image I used the spillway as a frame for the couple, I think this adds an interesting extra element to the image. We had never visited Linacre Reservoirs before this engagement shoot, what a wonderful place we had been missing out on! There are a series of three reservoirs with a path running around the edge which form a wonderful walk if you have an hour or two to spare. Part of the walk is wooded, all with a magnificent views of the reservoirs, stunning location, one we have visited again since this photo session and one we hope to visit again during the coming years.

Derbyshire Engagement Photography

We use the term "engagement photography" to mean a photo shoot with a couple before they are married. It can be to celebrate their engagement but it can equally well just be to help them become more accustomed to being the centre of attention and being photographed and with a view to capturing an image for the photo frame ahead of their wedding day. We like to present all our couples with one of these, both to remember the engagement with and so they can have their guests leave good wishes messages for the future.

Keywords: engagement photography (116), Linacre Wood Reservoir (10). 1/320; f/3.5; ISO 500; 150.0 mm.