Sheffield Botanical Gardens Engagement Picture
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Sheffield Botanical Gardens Engagement Picture

We love to photograph weddings or engagements or indeed just for fun in the Sheffield Botanical Gardens. In this photograph our engaged couple are walking along one of the many wonderful paths which wind there way around the gardens during their engagement photography session, which is also sometimes referred to as a pre-wedding photo session. We have undertaken dozens of engagement photography sessions here for couples over the years and have enjoyed every single one.

Botanical Gardens Engagement Photography

There is always something interesting to see here as the seasons change through the year. From a blanket of snow with snow drops pushing through, to scorching hot summer days when the heat never seems to end there is always something wonderful to behold! Spring is an interesting season as the winter relinquishes its grip on the world and the green shoots and leaves of a new year start to show through. My personal favourite time of the year for photography is the autumn as the wonderful autumn colours of the trees start to show through as the summer starts to move into autumn and the intense heat that we occasionally see in the UK has eased a little!

The Sheffield Botanical Gardens are located on Clarkehouse Road in Sheffield S10 2LN

Keywords: engagement photography (116), Sheffield Botanical Gardens (62). 1/250; f/3.5; ISO 800; 130.0 mm.