Snowy Norfolk Heritage Park Sheffield Engagement Shoot
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Snowy Norfolk Heritage Park Sheffield Engagement Shoot

A fantastic way to spend an hour on a Sunday morning is with a wonderful couple like this. When a couple are so at ease with each other, it makes my job as a photographer so much easier. They relax and interact with each other and don't need to be posed. This makes the photos look as they do, completely unposed pictures of a happy couple in love. Posing couples can sometimes be required if they really don't know what to do, frequently this is because the aren't used to being the centre of attention, but it can make the pictures look a little stiff and not as relaxed as they should be.

Engagement Photography In Winter Can Be Fun!

This photo was taken at the end of the session, just as the weather changed from cold with snow lying on the ground to cold with snow falling out of the sky! It was taken in Norfolk Heritage Park in Sheffield in late November as a surprise batch of snow caught everyone by suprise.

Keywords: engagement photography (116). 1/640; f/3.5; ISO 200; 200.0 mm.