Summertime Botanical Gardens Sheffield Engagement
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Summertime Botanical Gardens Sheffield Engagement

This photograph was taken on a wonderful warm summer day in one of our favourite suburban Sheffield locations, the Sheffield Botanical Gardens. This is a wonderful Sheffield park and is home to a magnificent display of plants and attracts an equally wonderful array of wildlife. The couple here were by the rim of the bear pit which is an extraordinary place particularly when you think of the poor creatures that would have been kept there in years gone by. Fortunately the only bear in here now is made of cast iron so there are no animal welfare issues to worry about!

Sheffield Engagement Photography

We have undertaken almost as many engagement photo photo shoots as weddings during our time as wedding photographers. We have been to many different parks and locations to do these but the Botanical Gardens in Sheffield is by a long way the most popular location for these. it isn't difficult to understand why. The gardens provide some of the most beautiful surroundings in any of the Sheffield parks and their location less than a mile for the centre of the city makes the location so convenient. It is sometimes hard to believe while wandering around here that you are so close to the centre of a major city, it is a wonderful place to visit for a photo shoot or just to spend some quiet time in a lovely location.

Keywords: engagement photography (116), Sheffield Botanical Gardens (62). 1/500; f/2.8; ISO 200; 200.0 mm.