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Sheffield Wedding Photographer

Sheffield is a fantastic place to be a wedding photographer, as well as one of the best places in the country to live. We have some of the best venues imaginable in the UK within not too many miles from home. Granted they are not all in Sheffield but from our location close to the centre of the country many of these superb wedding locations are less than an hours drive away. There are some amazing Towns and Cities in the Yorkshire, Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire region as well as often much further away too and as much as we enjoy photographing weddings at some of the familiar locations we are always happy to try our hand somewhere new.

I love this image above taken in Elmfield Park in Doncaster. This was shortly after the Wedding of Nicola and Dan at St. Mary's, the parish church of Sprotbrough, a wonderful village near Doncaster. This image is a combination colour and monochrome (black and white) image with the couple picked out in colour and the background colour removed to give this colour and monochrome effect. I don't do too many of these but on odd occasions they do give an interesting effect and help separate the subject from the background, this one works really well with this image

Sheffield Wedding Photography

Botanical Gardens Wedding

It is always nice to try to steal away with the newly married couple to get some portraits of the happy couple together before the hurly-burly of the Wedding Reception begins, this is one of those occasions. We stopped-off along the way from the church to the reception at Elmfield Park in Doncaster, very, very close to Doncaster Racecourse and created a few images for the couple there...

Following capturing these photos we moved on to the reception at the Racecourse itself. The reception took place in the weighing room which is far more spectacular than it sounds!.. The party went on well into the night with with a bouncy castle for the children, and perhaps a couple of adults and the end of the Wedding Day rounded off with a special firework display.

Wentworth Wedding Photography

Wentworth near Barnsley in South Yorkshire is a stunning venue for a church wedding. Holy Trinity Church in Wentworth Village is one of the most spectacular parish churches and is surrounded by some amazing scenery.

Wentworth Church Wedding Sheffield Wedding Photographer

Here we have another example of a quiet moment together following a Wedding. Our couple chose to spend some quiet moments together away from their guests overlooked by the church they have had their wedding in before they move on to their wedding reception close by. Capturing these special moments of interaction between the couple id one of the highlights of the day for us. There are many things we need to photograph during a wedding day but the creation of some special images for our newly married couples is definitely the best part for us. These images will be a reminder to them, and their families for years to come of the special bond between them cemented as they made their wedding vows.