Sheffield Wedding Photographer Bride Portrait
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Sheffield Wedding Photographer Bride Portrait

I love taking Bridal portraits! This is one of the best angles to give an amazingly flattering look. The eyes are sharp and in focus with the rest of the portrait fading out of focus more and more as the distance increases to the point where the floor isn’t in focus and provides a pleasing background. Of course you need a bride who can and is willing to sit on the floor, as the photographer you also need something to stand on like a chair, wide windowsill or something similar to gain the necessary height and angle to make the image work.

Christchurch Hackenthorpe, Sheffield Wedding

This Bridal portrait was prior to the Wedding of Amy and Chris at Christchurch Hackenthorpe in Sheffield and was taken as part of the getting ready part of the day at the Bride’s parents home. Amy’s Bridal gown was stunning and together with her new husband they are a wonderful couple.

The Bridal car for this Wedding was very interesting, particularly for Amy’s father, it came in the form of a vintage split screen 1967 Volkswagen camper van and was a beautiful vehicle supplied by Vintage Volks Weddings of Sheffield. The Wedding reception was at the Rutland Hotel Sheffield with us stopping-off at The Sheffield Botanical Gardens for some images of our lovely couple together between the Wedding Ceremony and the Reception.

1/400; f/1.8; ISO 200; 85.0 mm.