St Vincents Sheffield Wedding Photography
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St Vincents Sheffield Wedding Photography

This photograph was taken in the grounds of the fantastic Kenwood Hall Hotel in Sheffield. It followed a beautiful wedding at St. Vincent's church in Crookes, Sheffield with the wedding reception back here at the Kenwood Hall Hotel. We hadn't photographed at St. Vincent's church before and what a marvellous surprise the church is, light and airy a truly wonderful venue tucked away in the heart of this Sheffield suburb. We didn't even know it was there despite both growing up not that far away from the area, there is always something new to see if you keep your eyes open.

Sheffield Wedding Photography

We are really lucky in Sheffield to have several wedding venues like the Kenwood Hall Hotel. There are many other cities that don't have the choice our couples have in Sheffield which is a tremendous shame. We have met couples from many miles away who have come to Sheffield just to get married and who seemingly have little or no connection to the city. Being in the centre of the country makes us a convenient location for travel from north and south, kind of middle ground or a half way house which could go some way to explaining it!

Kenwood Hall Hotel is located on Kenwood Road, Sheffield S7 1NQ. Their Website can be found at

1/200; f/2.8; ISO 320; 150.0 mm.