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Best Yorkshire Church Weddings

I love this photograph from a North Yorkshire wedding in the tiny village of Lastingham. The bride and groom are in the process of being pelted with confetti and rice and are doing their best to take shelter behind the bride’s bouquet to avoid the worst of it. It is great to see a bride and groom sharing a moment of fun like this together as they begin their married life together, it shows a true bond between the two of them.

North Yorkshire Wedding Photography

Yorkshire is my county of origin, there are many wonderful places in all parts of Yorkshire, the landscape and scenery can vary dramatically from one end to the other always providing something inspiring. North Yorkshire is the home to many wonderful villages tucked away from the main trunk roads and unless you have any reason to go there you would probably never know they existed. In some ways this is good for the inhabitants who seek a quiet life but a loss for the population as a whole as they never get to see some truly magical places. The village of Lastingham is one such place, truly beautiful but tucked away. Following the

Keywords: bouquet (7), bride and groom together (115), church wedding (28), Lastingham (11), Yorkshire wedding (9). 1/250; f/8.0; ISO 200; 90.0 mm.