Bridal Preparations Wedding Photography Details
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Bridal Preparations Wedding Photography Details

Wedding photography is as much about the finer details of the wedding day as it is the big spectacular pictures. The picture above is from a wedding at Cubley Hall Hotel in Penistone near Sheffield. The bride’s shoes are photographed draped in her veil during the bridal preparations (getting ready) part of her wedding day. Many of the items chosen by a couple which form part of their wedding day are expensive, others have great sentimental value and photographing all these items to form part of the story telling of the day is part of our job. As time passes, these items, these valuable parts of the story of the day can become forgotten in the business of busy modern-day life. Capturing these details for the bride and groom as well as family and friends is all part of the wedding photography service we provide to our couples.

Wedding Day Details and Memories

As time passes looking back at the small details as well as the larger parts of the day can help bring back memories of all that occurred. We don't work to a list or a set pattern but try to capture what we see, when we see it, capturing the moods and emotions of the of the day as it unfolds around the bride and groom. We often see small items which are deeply sentimental to the bride or groom or to one or both families and we do our best if we are aware of them to record them as part of our work for you on your wedding day. We often hear from couples that we have spotted and photographed items that they had missed or forgotten about as well as many other things that can go unnoticed.

Keywords: Cubley Hall (3), shoes (3), veil (4). 1/640; f/2.8; ISO 100; 60.0 mm.